Jimmy Jarvis Brings Over 15 Years Experience as an Auctioneer

Jimmy Jarvis Auctioneer
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Not your Grandpa's auctioneer from back in the day.  Jimmy Jarvis's style brings an upbeat fresh take to your auction sale.  Throw in some humor and you have the most entertaining auctioneer this side of the Mississippi.

As a younger man, Jimmy attended many auctions and knew he wanted to break into the business.  After practicing the rhythmic chant of the auctioneer, his luck was upon him when the auctioneer didn't show up for an auction he was attending. 


Jimmy Jarvis stepped up to the platform and lulled in the bidders with his enticing auction chant, finding his calling.  Shortly after, Jarvis Auction Service was born.

Jarvis Auction Service is a family ran business from the DeSoto, Missouri area that holds integrity, hard work, and dedication to the auction sale in high regard. 


Jimmy's experience and knowledge spans a variety of items including, but not limited to:  guns, coins, gold, silver, farm equipment, antiques, vehicles, tools, furniture, and real estate.  

The goal at Jarvis Auction Service is effective marketing and auctioneer techniques to create a strong return.  This makes for a pleasant experience for the seller and the bidder.

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