Have something to sell?  Are you looking for an auctioneer?

Contact Jarvis Auction Service by email (jimjarv4@aol.com)

or phone Jimmy Jarvis (636-524-3115) or David Farris (573-305-6664)

Questions for Auction Sellers

Q:  What is an absolute auction?

An absolute auction does not have a reserve price, the highest bidder will receive the item without a minimum bid or reserved price. This type of auction attracts more bidders which works in the favor of the seller. 

Q:  What are the benefits of an auction?

A:  An auction shows buyers that the owner(s) are serious about selling items now at a market price.  An auction also establishes a deadline yielding a higher selling price than if no deadline was established.  

Q:  What is the first step in the auction process?

A:  Jarvis Auction Service will provide an in-home evaluation as the first step to    discuss the probability of which items would sell.   Any questions you have will be answered at the time of this complimentary evaluation of your potential auction items.

Q:  When is a good time to sell at auction?

A:  Anytime is a good time to sell at auction.  Auctions have a rich history of succeeding in most economic situations.

Q:  Why choose an auction over other sale avenues?

A:  Majority of the time auctions bring in higher prices than other avenues. Jarvis Auction Service has a great marketing plan to advertise auctions in order to bring people to the sale that are looking for the items being sold.  When you have more people competing for the same item it can bring a higher price.

Q:  Why should I chose Jarvis Auction Service for my auction?

A:  Jimmy Jarvis, auctioneer, has over 15 years of auction experience.  He brings integrity and experience to help you get the best return on your items.

Questions for Auction Buyers

Q:  Why should I go to an auction?

A:  In two words? It's fun! Think of the thrill of the hunt for that item you didn't even know you needed.  The bidding process creates excitement and anticipation of winning the item. The rhythmic chant of the auctioneer is unlike any other buying experience.  Before you know it, you're hooked and will be attending auctions every weekend.

Q:  What kind of items can I find at an auction?

A:  Almost anything.  Jarvis Auction Service looks for sales that have items of interest to buyers.  They have sold a wide variety of personal property including coins, stamps, knives, guns, farm machinery, construction equipment, vehicles, antiques, glass, collectibles, furnishings, real estate, and much more.

Q:  How do I bid on an item at an auction?

A:  When you arrive at one of Jarvis Auction Service auctions, first register and agree to the terms and conditions of the sale in order to bid on an item with a bid number you will receive.  Your name and driver's license number are required to register to bid.


Once you receive your bid number, you can bid on items.  If you win the bid, your item will be held for you until you are ready to pay.  This way you can continue to bid on items and not miss any good deals.